Air Compressor Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India: High Pressure compressors, Reciprocating Air cooled and water cooled Air Compressor Manufacturer India
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Screw Compressor
Single Stage Air Compressor
Two Stage Air Compressor
Multi Stage Air Compressor
Single & Two Stage Dry   Vacuum Pumps
Vertical Water cooled Air  Compressor
Air Cooled Reciprocating Air
Compressor Parts
Spares for Screw Compressors
Air Receivers
Filters for Air Compressor
Moisture Separator
Water cooled After cooler
Activated Carbon Filter
Air Dryers
Air Compressors For Different Industries
Applications of Compressed Air in various industries are given Below. We can Supply
  1. Air Compressors for Textile Industries:
    Spinning, Weaving, Processing, etc.
    Utility of Compressed Air : For Cleaning Fluff For Pneumatic Operation.
  2. Air Compressors for Chemical Industries:
    Dyes & Intermediates
    Utility of Compressed Air
    • Filter Pres
    • Spray Driers
    • Material Transfer
  3. Air Compressors for Pharmaceutical Industries:
    Blister Pack Machines
    Utility of Compressed Air : Pneumatic Operation
  4. Air Compressors for Coating
    Utility of Compressed Air : Spray colour
  5. Air Compressors for Plastic Industries:
    Blow Moulding Machines, Injection Moulding Machines, PET Bottles / Jars manufacturing Machines
    Utility of Compressed Air :
    • Pneumatic Operation
    • Blowing
  6. Air Compressors for Dairy Industries:
    F.F.S Machines
    Utility of Compressed Air : Pneumatic Operation
  7. Air Compressors for Automobile Industries:
    Utility of Compressed Air :
    • Pneumatic Operation
    • Fill the compressed Air in Tubes of vehicles
  8. Air Compressors for Powder Coating Industries:
    Spraying of Powder
  9. Air Compressors for Automobile Workshop
  10. Air Compressors for Beverage Industries
  11. Air Compressors for Chemical Plants
  12. Air Compressors for Foods Industries
  13. Air Compressors for Fertilizer Industries
  14. Air Compressors for Foundries
  15. Air Compressors for Glass Industries
  16. Air Compressors for Paper Mills
  17. Air Compressors for Pharmaceutical Units
  18. Air Compressors for Road Construction Machineries
  19. Air Compressors for Refineries
  20. Air Compressors for Hospitals
Measure Pressure in Pascal, newton/meter², bar, ton-force/inch², psi, pound-force/inch², millimeter water, Standard atmosphere, Kg/Cm², Inch of Mercury, Dyne, etc.

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